At Home PE Activities

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe at home.  I sure miss seeing you during PE and hope we can all get back together soon.  In the meantime, I will be posting activities for you to try at home on this web page.  I will post one activity each day.   Have fun!!!

Click on At Home PE Activities in the menu at the top of this page to find your daily PE activity.

Mr. Stultz

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Keep it Movin’ with the 100 Mile Club 26-Day Challenge!

Let’s Keep Moving! With schools closed across much of the country, we want to help your child continue to be active and moving, while remaining connected whenever possible.

Stay active and healthy with smart, safe exercise at home. For 26 days (or until school resumes, whichever comes first), track your progress and aim for an average of 1 mile per day.

Our 26 Day Challenge is FREE for all to sign up and download our mile tracking sheet. A certificate celebrating your participation is also coming soon! Click the link below to sign up and download your FREE mile tracker today!

Please Note: Miles can be counted towards your child’s 100 Mile Club goal. Just turn in the tracking sheet when school resumes.

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Field Day – June 4th

Woodmere Field Day will be on Monday, June 4th. The K-2 grades will have their field day in the morning and the 3-5 grade field day will be in the after. Find more detailed information for field day can be found above. Just click on the Woodmere Field Day link.

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Gaga Ball comes to Woodmere


History of the GaGa Ball Game in the US

This game became popular among Jewish camps during the 1970’s and has seen a huge resurgence recently at camps, schools, and youth activity centers outside of the Jewish community. GaGa actually translates from Hebrew as “touch-touch” and is a variation on dodgeball.  To some it is known as Israeli Dodgeball, Octo-Ball, or Panda Ball.  It is commonly believed that the game was brought to the US Jewish summer camps by Israeli camp counselors.

Gaga Ball is a fun, easy game to learn and play.  The basic object of the game is to eliminate your opponents by striking the ball and having it hit them below the knee (or waist) while trying to avoid being hit yourself.  The game can be a one on one match up game or simply a larger group of individuals each playing against the group.  To increase the fun and action for larger groups, often a second ball can be put into play as well. As with any playground game, the actual details of the GaGa Ball game rules will vary from location to location.

Instead of children learning the game from adults, children are spreading the news about GaGa Ball and are actually teaching their parents and fellow playground participants about the game. The games ability to include large numbers of children into a action packed game, with quick game turnover, has grabbed children’s attention around the US. Kids can play for hours without losing interest.

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Run for the Arts – 2017

Run For The Arts


Student’s can now receive online pledges.  Click here

Printable Materials – ie. sponsor sheet, scoring sheet, etc.


Below I have listed the dates and the information you need to know.

Run date:  April 11th,     Alternate Run date:  April 12th

Sponsor Sheets will be handed out on Friday, March 24th.

March 24th – April 10th – Pledge Period (Sponsor Sheets must be turned in on April 10th)

April 11th – Run For The Arts Day

April 12th – Make up day if rained out on the 11th

April 11th – 25th – Collection Period

April 25th – Sponsor Sheet/Money is due

Questions?  Email Jim Stultz ( – Run For The Arts Coordinator


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100 Mile Club – 13,823 Miles


This year we ran almost 14,000 miles.  174 t shirts (25+ miles), 90 golden pencils (50+ miles), 50 bracelets (75+ miles), and 38 gold medals (100+ miles) were earned.  Below are our 2016 Gold Medal runners.   Next year’s goal?  15,000 miles

Name Miles
Bob N 522
Yareli RL 407.75
Amanda D 320
Viviana LG 310.25
Tekoah W 242.25
Timothy K 206.75
Diego VS 187.25
Kaden T 181
Kelly B 175
Karen M 175
Molly F 175
Emily V 162
Jennie P 161.75
Alex C 160.75
Jessica T 151.5
Samikchhya P 143.5
Barb F 140
Jason L 138.75
Iylan W 134
Carmine M 133
Esnoy F 128.5
Emily K 126
Elijah B 122.25
Amy C 113
Xuankai L 108
Desiree N 106.25
Brandon MV 104.5
Kaiyee W 104.25
Ginelsa K 101.5
Vione L 100
Kaylee F 100
Mace S 100
Daizy C 100
Noah S 100
Vira K 100
Tania C 100
Nick C 100
Kristin B 100


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Field Day – June 7th

Hello Teachers,

Field Day – June 7th, 2016

Again this year each teacher will participate with their class in 8 activities.   Each event will last 8 minutes (2 minutes for travel time).  After each activity you will hear a horn blow.  Then you will move onto the next event.

Activity Maps and all activities can be printed out below.  It might be a good idea to go over the activities prior to field day.

Treats will be distributed at the end.   Events will be run by some very nice volunteers:).   K, 1st, 2nd Field Day  9:30-11:00 am 3rd, 4th, 5th Field Day  1:00-2:30 pm.

Click below for more information.



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