100 Mile Club (Grades 2-5)

There are 3 ways to run/earn miles.   Most students will earn their miles by running at recess and PE.   But also, on Tuesday mornings before school from 7:45-8:25am. 

ALL STUDENTS (GRADES 2-5)  MUST ENROLL – PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM AND GIVE TO MR. STULTZ.  This form was sent home as well but if it was thrown away here is another copy you can print out sign and return.


The 100 Mile Club® provides the opportunity to run or walk 100 miles at school during a single school year which improves school readiness to learn, creates better education outcomes, building self-esteem and the overall health in the lives of children and others.


100 Mile Club will start on the first day of school at recess.  The Tuesday morning club will begin on September 29th.

Students will have time in PE and at recess to run, walk, or jog laps around a 1/4 mile track at Woodmere (see aerial track photos below).   Students in grades 2nd-5th can also sign up to be a part of Woodmere’s 100 Mile Club.  The Club will meet on Tuesday mornings from 7:45-8:30am.   Download Letter Welcome Letter here.  Teachers and parents are welcome to join in on this great opportunity to start their day off with exercise.

Award recognition below.

25 miles = 100 Mile Club Tshirt, 50 miles = Golden Pencil,  75 miles = Wrist Band,  100 miles = Gold Medal.   Everyone that runs will earn a participation certificate.

We will use the 1/4 mile track on most days.   On wet days we will use the 1/8 mile track.  On rainy days we will use the gym (6 laps is 1/4 mile).

1/4 Mile Track



1/8 Mile Track



1/24 Mile Track


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