Opportunity for Speed Stacks Group Order

Dear Famiies,

We are currently doing a sport stacking unit in PE. Sport stacking is an exciting sport where students stack and unstack 12-specially designed cups (Speed Stacks) in predetermined sequences. Students race against the clock for faster times and race against each other in relays.  IMG_1447

Sport stacking promotes hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity, quickness, concentration and fitness – plus, students love it! Sport stacking uses both sides of the body and brain developing important skills needed to dribble and shoot a basketball, throw and catch a baseball, play a musical instrument, type on a computer and more. By activating both sides of the brain, students also benefit academically with greater focus and concentration levels.

One of my goals, as a Physical Educator, is to promote activity at home through positive alternatives to computer, television and video game screen time. I believe that sport stacking is a unique, fun and simple activity that motivates kids to get up and move. logo_ss_lgTo help accomplish my goal of keeping kids active and healthy, I invite you and your student to participate in our school Group Order with Speed Stacks

Group order participants:

• Receive special school discounts on their favorite gear.

• Take advantage of free shipping on all orders.

• Help our school earn free equipment – the more you order, the more we earn for the program.

Choose your items from the product brochure and order using these easy steps:

1. Go to the Group Order Store online at http://www.speedstacks.com/go

2. Find our school in the listing and place your order.

Instructor Name: Mr. Stultz

Our order is starting: November 9th  Ending: November 30th

Your order must be placed before the ending date.  All items will be delivered to Woodmere in December and I will pass them out to your child to bring home.

Thank you for supporting our Physical Education Program!

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