Woodmere Field Day – June 4th, 2018

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Hello Teachers,

Field Day – Monday – June 4th, 2018

Again this year each teacher will participate with their class in 8 activities  Each event will last 8 minutes (2 minutes for travel time).  After each activity you will hear a horn blow (or maybe a whistle – some kids told me that don’t like the horn).  Then you will move onto the next event.

Activity Maps and all activities can be printed out below.  I printed them out and put a copy in your box as well.  It might be a good idea to go over the activities prior to field day.

Treats will be distributed at the end.   Events will be run by some very nice volunteers :).

SOME ACTIVITIES WILL BE RUN BY THE CLASSROOM TEACHER.  I PUT A LIST OF ALL ACTIVITIES IN YOUR BOXES.  Classroom teachers will be running the River Raft Relay, Parachute, and Gaga Ball.  Please look over the activity directions prior to field day.

K, 1st, 2nd Field Day  9:30-11:00 am 3rd, 4th, 5th Field Day  1:00-2:30 pm.



                        Field Day Information for Woodmere Elementary School                          (Monday, June 4th 2018)

Below you will find field day information.  You will find a list of events and where you will be starting on Tuesday, June 4th.  If it rains, we will re-schedule for June 5th.

LIST OF EVENTS FOR AM FIELD DAY  (9:30-11:00) Click here for K-2 Field Day Map -2018

  1. Ring Toss/Horseshoes – Richman
  2. Water Ball Toss – Freund
  3. Squirt Bottle Corral – Graham
  4. River Raft Relay – Bassaloff
  5. Gaga Ball Pit  – Jones
  6. Tug  O  Tire/Tug O War – Zadoff
  7. 20 Yard Dash- Smith
  8.  Parachute – Hanawalt

LIST OF EVENTS FOR PM FIELD DAY  (1:00-2:30) Click here for 35fielddaymap

  1. Angry Birds – Walker
  2. Squirt Bottle Corral – Carter
  3. River Raft Relay – Heins
  4. Gaga Ball Pit – Robertson
  5. Tug O Tire/Tog O War – Erickson
  6. 20 Yard Dash – Kinney
  7. Perfect Pass – Open
  8. Parachute – Open


  1. We would like classes to be at their assigned station by 9:25 (K-2nd), 12:55 (3rd-5th)
  2. An air horn will begin the 1st event.
  3. An air horn will be blown at the end of each station – to rotate
  4. Stations will last 8 minutes
  5. You will have 2 minutes to move to the next station (not much time).
  6. To help with logistics, it would help if;
    1. Let the kids choose one partner they want to be with, or you choose for them.
    2. We will be doing several relays where kids are groups of four – five.  Keep those same groups together throughout.
    3. Spirit of the Day – Play fair, encouraging comments, helping one another!
    4. Each class will receive a Popsicle at the conclusion of field day events.

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