Miss Hein’s and Mrs. Clark’s Classes Win First Quarter Trophies

A trophy and individual awards were given to the classes that ran the most miles during the 1st quarter of the school year.  One trophy to the top class from the 2nd/3rd grades and another trophy to the top class from the 4th/5th grades.


First Quarter Winners:

2nd/3rd Grade – Miss Heins (377.50 miles with an average of 15.1 miles per student)

4th/5th Grade – Mrs. Clark (503.5 miles with an average of 17.9 miles per student)

Woodmere students have already run 2,500 miles in just the first quarter.  I think a goal of 10,000 miles will definitely be attainable by June of 2016.


As of today 24 students have earned the tshirt (25 miles), 6 students have earned the golden pencil (50 Miles), and 2 students have earned the bracelet (75 miles).

It won’t be long before they make it to 100 miles.

The new quarter for the 100 Mile Club Class Trophy begins on Monday, October 26th.  Quarter 2 will end on January 22nd.   I will tabulate miles for that time period.  Not the entire year.

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Great Start to the 100 Mile Club



As of October 15th, 21 students have run more than 25 miles.   Yarili and Bob both have made it to the 75 mile mark already.

Attendance at our Tuesday morning running club has increased each week.  We now have 101 students signed up to run.  I would like to invite families to come and run, walk, or job with your child.

Kindergarten and First Grade students are also invited to come as long as a family member stays with them the entire time.   We run from 7:45-8:30am on the playground.

If you have not filled out a permission slip for your child you can download it here..  Or your child can get it from me during PE

See you on Tuesday mornings.  Each student that attends will receive a free running shirt.



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100 Mile Club Begins on August 27th

Welcome to a new school year.  We are excited to again offer the 100 Mile Club at Woodmere.  This program gives all students an opportunity to run, jog, or walk 100 miles at school.

Last year in only 3 months 107 students ran 25+ miles and earned a tshirt.  Also, 13 students earned a gold medal by running  100+ miles.

This year you have the entire year to run.   We have accepted the challenge and are so excited!!!  It’s going to be a great year!!!


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Summer of Run


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Woodmere Wins Spring Challenge

Spring Challenge Winners – Oregon | News | Fire Up Your Feet

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13 Students Run 100+ Miles and Earn Gold Medal

Congratulations to the following students for running 100+ miles.  107 students ran 25+ miles.  Next year we will start running in September.


Kimberly V 156
Bob N 150
Alex C-D 108.25
Kelvin T 107.5
John F 107
Anson L 106.25
Yareli R-L 104.25
Nimco Y 102.5
Dustin W 101.5
Cecilia T 101
Angela L 100.75
Alita K 100.5
Jimmy T 100


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Field Day

Field Day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9th.  Please on Woodmere Field Day link above for more information.



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